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With dedication and passion we have been working with flour for over 40 years, honouring tradition while keeping an eye on innovation and new trends.


We are a South Tyrolean company with a solid grounding in the hospitality sector. We work exclusively with excellent products from carefully selected Italian companies.


ProntaPizza is a fresh pizza dough that is artisanally stretched according to Italian tradition. Its long rising time ensures a wholesome, light, fragrant and easily digestible product. Our Pizza Base is ready to be garnished and baked to your liking in an ordinary refractory oven.


Our high quality standards derive from the use of carefully sourced traceable raw materials and safety and hygiene in production.

Consumers are guaranteed a safe and 100% Made in Italy food product.


To bring more choice to your menu in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.
Our bases come fresh with modified atmosphere packaging, allowing them to be stored in a refrigerator for 30/40 days (at 2/4 degrees ) and retain the fragrance of a freshly baked product, with all the natural freshness, taste and aroma.


With three types of pizza base formats and a wide choice of doughs we can satisfy the requirements of all your customers.

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